Tour Preview

Not everything in your 8-location tour is featured here. We don’t want to spoil your experience, so here’s a little tease of haunted hot spots along our routes!

What's on my ghost tour?

The Blair House

The site of Harry Truman’s failed assassination, this house is teeming with the spirits of his would-be killers. Several prominent figures, including even Vladimir Putin, described their short stays as hazy, draining, and confusing.

The Hay Adams Hotel

This hotel was the site of tragedy for the author Henry Adams’ wife, Clover. Her cries can still be heard today, and she continues to cause disturbances for guests. Learn more about the mystery behind her sudden death.

St. John's Episcopal Church

The 2nd oldest structure in President’s Park, this church is referred to as the “Presidents’ Church.” The bells toll for the deaths of persons who’ve held the highest office, as well as those held in high esteem for this country. Who are the men who show up in white robes, referred to as “The Washingtonians,” who quickly vanish as if into thin air?

The White House

Lincoln is sighted the most at this centerpiece of America’s past. Lincoln makes himself especially well-known before a president’s incoming death. He attempts to save the leader of the free world at the time, with one of his efforts being successful. Join us to learn more.