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Welcome to DC's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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The City on The Hill hides a devious side that requires a two-drink minimum to experience. DC Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl adds a tipsy twist to “walking in the footsteps of Presidents” and invites you on a historical journey through the most haunted area of the Nation’s Capital. Hire a sitter, grab your drinking buddies, and join us for a night of booze, brews, and boos.


Discover DC's Most Haunted Places:

Old Ebbitt Grill

Visit the oldest restaurant in Washington, D.C., which was popular with at least five past presidents and at least one current ghost. Come drink in the incredible history and the signature spiced apple sangria, but don’t come hungry for power or the shadowy spirit here might put an end to your ambitions.

Proper 21

Arguing over drinks has always been a popular pastime in D.C. Trade fights for frights in this historic bar set on the city’s former “Rum Row', a part of town that was known for stiff drinks, government scandals, and journalists willing to do anything for a scoop. Try the signature Proper Lady cocktail, but beware of the ghost who gets upset when his favorite drink isn’t prepared exactly to his tastes.

The Hamilton

During prohibition, over 3,000 speakeasies popped up throughout the city. Just like the ghosts that haunt Washington D.C. today, they were often found in the most unexpected places. What’s now the Hamilton Restaurant was once a department store, but its former owner can’t get over how it’s changed, even decades after his death.

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Aidan Sawyer

Doug was a great host! He was lively and a great story teller!

19 May 2024

Stefanie Fogel

Tony was amazing and very knowledgeable. Gave us great recommendations for restaurants and even bookstores that I asked about! He did a grea ... Read More

09 May 2024

Candace Faust

John was excellent. We did a tour with him and he had so much information on the historical and the haunted of DC. Would highly recommend!

06 May 2024

Margaret Gomez

Had a wonderful evening with Hannah hearing some ghost tales and some stories about DC that we normally wouldn’t have heard. Loved the tal ... Read More

03 May 2024


Welcome to
DC's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
DC's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

From former leaders of the free world to the ghosts of literary icons, DC’s haunted history is as historic as the city itself. Discover the dismal and debaucherous past of DC as you hear the terrifying tales of horrific events that keep the tortured souls of tragedy roaming the District and make the boozy spirits a necessity.

Join DC Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for an adults-only night of beer and fear. This 21 and up tour of The City on the Hill is full of secrets, scandals, and spine-chilling true stories you’ll want a little liquid courage to endure. Discover why bone-chilling screams echo from historic buildings as you hunt for the best local haunts and Spirits in town.

Why Choose D.C. Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl

DC’s deep roots go beyond the history books. Venture on a racy crawl through the haunted streets of DC, where the stories are spooky, and the drinks are as cold and stiff as the ghosts you’ll hear about. Here are a few more reasons to take this adults-only haunted pub crawl with DC Ghosts!

  • You want to discover some of the city’s most unique bars while staying entertained with unforgettable stories
  •  You are not throwing away your shot at learning haunting history while discovering amazing local drinks
  • You want to learn local tales of tragedy that have nothing to do with politics. They exist!
  • You like the idea of a night of drinks where seeing and hearing things others don’t isn’t just okay; it’s expectedForrest Gump.
  • You finally have a night away from the kids and want to make the most of it!
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