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About DC Ghosts

For your entertainment, education, and fun! The haunted history of our nation’s capital. You could plan a visit to the warren-like Smithsonian and pick up some of the history in our tour, but it will take all day! You could walk through the metal detector and x-ray your bag to get into the Capitol tour, but they won’t tell you about the hauntings that we include on our tour.

Good luck getting a tour of the White House. We got some hints of the hauntings of that historical landmark when we asked them, but they did not have the scary stories that brought the history of the building alive!

In less than a mile, and around 1 hour DC Ghost will take you on a haunted adventure, encompassing 8 of the most historic and haunted locations in Washington D.C.

Stand in the streets around these impressive locations and our stories will bring history alive in a way that is unforgettable.

The city on the swamp is filled with stories of war, murder, and intrigue. The duel at the Decatur House, the tragic rise and fall of Dolly Madison, the political rivalries of the Capitol Building. All help you fill in the blanks of history with the red-hot passion of the people who shaped this city.

Each of the stories within our 8 standard tour stops was researched thoroughly and feature the characters who formed our nation’s early history in our memorable stories.

Our stories of hauntings and gruesome ghosts will bring the history you know to life with real people experiencing real adventure, tragedy, and grizzly endings inside the beltway.

Why is Washington D.C. so Haunted?

Washington D.C. has been the center of political activity in the United States for generations, having bared witness to the struggles and triumphs of the nation. It is not surprising to find that the city with such a rich history involving legendary figures and events would be home to paranormal activity. In D.C., there have been several political events as well as tales of murder and tragedy.


Aidan Sawyer

Review Rating
May 20, 2024

Doug was a great host! He was lively and a great story teller!

Nathan Makla

Review Rating
May 20, 2024


  • Remain calm.

    It could be just Lincoln saying hello. Don't panic!

  • Be polite.

    These spirits may have been the past leaders of this land. Much like a grandparent, please be polite if you're graced with their presence!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    We hear the spirits of IRS auditors may be lurking.

  • Stay together.

    As cool as being a ghost with our past leaders may be, please don't become one! Buddy up!

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you becoming a spirit. ;)