Why We’re the Best

Enough preamble. Here are some reasons why DC Ghost tours are your best choice in The Capital.

We only have the best DC guides

We are dedicated to hiring the friendliest and most personable people for your adventure through the heart of DC.

Content you won't hear on other tours

Our tours cover up to 12 different haunted sites, and some stories we could only discover with the help of mediums and psychics. Join us for an unforgettable experience.

Bad weather? We can reschedule!

Not even the president has the power to control the skies. We can reschedule you free of charge. If an alternative date and time doesn’t work for your vacation, we’ll grant a full refund!

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Much like the Constitution, there are some guidelines that we must follow.

  • Remain calm.

    It could be just Lincoln saying hello. Don't panic!

  • Be polite.

    These spirits may have been the past leaders of this land. Much like a grandparent, please be polite if you're graced with their presence!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    We hear the spirits of IRS auditors may be lurking.

  • Stay together.

    As cool as being a ghost with our past leaders may be, please don't become one! Buddy up!

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you becoming a spirit. ;)